About Us

History of Buckles and More--owned by Bill Watson and Rob Watson
Bill started the business in the 1970s during the time of the Nuclear Power House era. The buckles are called the Power House Buckles because most of the men that make the stainless buckles learned on the Power Houses.

There was such a demand for the buckles that Bill decided to start a business and at first only made buckles. At one time there were 13 full time workers making stainless steel belt buckles.
As time progressed and procedures were learned we could make more buckles with less manpower and more machinery.
Then we branched out to stainless money clips and later stainless key chains.
Later we added hard hat decals and the rear window see through decals in smaller sizes and full size truck window decals.
The two latest additions to our products was the coffee mugs and USA made tee shirts.
We can use your design or you can pick out any of our designs.
We can put any design on a light gray or white tee shirt or hoodies.
We have a limited amount of artwork designs that we can press on the dark shirt or hoodie.
We can supply any amount of items and have supplied items for several 100 year anniversaries.
Please contact us with any request and we will work with you to make something you can be proud of.
We supply products to many of the construction trade Unions. So we decided that it would be only right to be a full Union shop. We organized our business into the UA Local 577 in Portsmouth and hire our workers from the Local. We pay full union wages and benefits. Some of our prices might be a little higher than some but we will work with you in making any of your own Logos or artwork into the items we make.
We hope you will consider Buckles and More as your Union Shop supplier for any of the items.

Buckles and More LLC
P O Box 271
Peebles, OH 45660
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